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JOHN AIMO BALLOONS was officially set up in 1987. It was set up to assist more effectively the ever increasing number of clients of Cameron Balloons Italia, a company which had been importing Cameron hot-air balloons and airships into Italy since 1981.

John Aimo Balloons is principally concerned with importing hot-air balloons and with the management of hot-air balloon advertising.

Each client is assisted all the way from the design of the balloon right up to the actual flight stage, whether free-flight or tethered, in Italy or elsewhere in the world.
John Aimo Balloons also has a first-class, long-established flight school with courses leading to an English hot-air balloon licence.

Clients embracing this sport with John Aimo Balloons are able to complete a flying course, obtain a licence and even eventually buy their own balloon. The purchased balloons can be managed personally or in collaboration with trustworthy, professional pilots of proven ability.

John Aimo balloons collaborates closely with Aeronord sas in regards to its aeronautical work with aerostats and airships.

John Aimo Balloon clients include: Liquigas with 3 balloons, Blu with 2 balloons, Grana Padano, Mandarina Duck, Ferodo, Latteria Soresina, and the main companies working with aerostats such as Diamante, Sky Adventure, Aeropubblicità Vicenza, etc...

John Aimo

one of the pioneers of the modern rediscovery, in Italy, of the oldest human means to fly.

  • Sporting activity

    The John Aimo Balloons s.a.s. company was founded in 1986 by John Aimo, one of the pioneers of the modern rediscovery, in Italy, of the oldest human means to fly.

    John Aimo, balloon pilot’s license number 3 , achieved in 1981, is a sport champion and flight instructor. John Aimo, with his passion for sport and the constant participation in international competitions, has become one of the best known names in the international ballooning world.
    Here is his curriculum:
    He has participated since 1989 in all Italian championships, winning 6 times, and getting 12 seconds places and 4 third places.
    He took part in 11 World Hot Air Balloon Championships, played in France, Austria, Luxembourg, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Hungary.
    He took part in 13 European Championships flight in a balloon, played in Luxembourg, England, Austria, Poland, Spain, France, Hungary.
    He was also at 4 World Championships in gas balloon, in Germany, USA, Austria and at the World Air Games in Spain and at two Gordon Bennett races in 2013 and 2014.
    He won four times the international flight competition in the mountains of Chateau d’Oex, Switzerland, where he also won the David Niven Cup for the long distance and the Michel Arnould Cup for long distance with small balloons.
    He founded the “Aero Club Mongolfiere of Mondovi” of which he was the first president.
    He holds the Italian record for altitude: 31,500 feet (9450 meters), and duration: 9 hours and 15 minutes and has exceeded 9000 hours of flight time.

  • The school

    A Pilot by Choice

    After being an instructor at Aeroclub “Provincia Granda” of Cuneo, from 1992 Aimo is also an instructor for the BBAC, the British Balloon and Airship Club. His training courses were attended by over 250 students from the United States, Russia , Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Australia, Dubai, Kenia,Tanzania , Ukraine and most states of Europe. Among others, he taught the secrets of flying airships to Guy Moyano of Luxembourg, who then won a world title, and two world record holders like David Hampleman Adams and Steve Fossett.
    Recently his student rom Russia, Fedor Koniukhov, set a new around the world solo flight record in 11 days, taking off from Australia and landing back to Australia.

  • Business activity

    Flights to all tastes

    Dealer since 1982 of Cameron Balloons of Bristol, Aimo imports, sells and manages hot-air balloons for sports, for advertising and for passenger transportation. Its clients are followed step by step from the balloon project to its realization and the eventual management. The John Aimo Balloons company also organizes ballooning events and competitions. The most famous is the International Epiphany Balloon Meeting, where the elite of world ballooning comes to Mondovi.

The team for the races

Sailors and pilots.

John Aimo

Pilot and Instructor

John Aimo

Oscar Lombardo

Oscar Lombardo

Paolo Boetti

Paolo Boetti

Salvatore Forgione

Salvatore Forgione

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The John Aimo Balloons s.a.s. was founded in 1986 by John Aimo, one of the architects of the modern rediscovery, in Italy, of the oldest human instrument to fly …
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